Welcome to the new and improved Christian Heresiology, formerly known as Christian Heresy. This site has gone through numerous incarnations since its inception some years ago. It started here on WordPress. It went into limbo for a couple of years after I had a heart attack back in late March 2012. When I revived the site a few years ago, I moved it to a web hosting company, mainly because the version of WordPress that was current then did not allow me to organize the site the way I wanted. I did find the script that would allow me to organize the way I wanted, but that meant moving the site. That happened before my heart attack. When I recovered and got to get back to writing, I found out that my web hosting company had changed owners and that the programmers who wrote the script I had been using stopped upgrading that script. I decided to use WordPress as the script on my own server. Recently, there have been problems with that. Also, I discovered that the most recent version of WordPress will allow me to do what I wanted originally back in the beginning. So, why pay for web hosting that has become a problem instead of moving back and doing what I had planned all along? A win-win situation if there ever was one! 🙂


Christian Heresiology is the study of the sociological and theological history of Christian orthodoxy which developed in response to what orthodoxy considers heresies. It is my contention that orthodoxy is the greatest heresy of all! Orthodoxy has perverted and distorted the original message (kerygma) of Jesus. Please note that when I say “Jesus,” I am referring to the historical personage that is the foundation of the Gospel stories. When I say “Jesus Christ,” I am referring to the person who is the subject of Christian orthodoxy. An entire mythology has developed around that person, both in Christian orthodoxy and in certain heresies. Please understand that when I use the word “mythology” or any of its derivatives, I am using the terms in the sociological/anthropological sense of the word. Mythology is neither false nor true. It is believed or not believed. Further explanation of what I mean is in the category of “Social Theory.” Please do read those articles so you understand what I mean.


Currently, this site is organized like a more traditional blog. I intend to change that over the next few weeks, maybe less. I will let you know when the reorganization is done. In the meantime, I do not intend to post any new articles. However, that does not mean I will not be writing new articles. After all, reorganization does get a little doll and tends to dull the mind. 🙂 I will post whatever new content I have written by that time when this site reorganization is complete. Something for all of you to anticipate! 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy what there is and hopefully the reorganization process will not confuse you too much.


Peace and love!

John Botscharow



2 responses to “Introduction

  1. The reorganization is done…for now anyway. I plan doing some editing – fixing some minor errors and also combining multi-part posts into one long podt. Also, I am thinking of adding a few pictures, if I find amy that are appropriate and I can use without infringing on someone’s copyright. New stuff is already in the works and should be ready any day now. Enjoy the site and peace to you all!

  2. I have reorganized a substantial prtion of this site. I should have the rest done this week. Use the Pages menu like a table of contents to mavigate the site, Please feel free to post comments on any of the pages. You do have to be registered with WordPress to do that. I do review all comments and will delete any I deem offensive. So be polite, keep it clean, and NO advertising. Thanks

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